InnerMost Shift Coaching

What is InnerMost Shift Coaching?

InnerMost Shift Coaching is a structured way to artfully encourage and entrust the Client responsibility of living a richer, fuller and effective life. It is a professional approach of partnering with clients, trigger thought-provoking ideas and discover creative process to surface up from the ‘inner most core’ that inspires them to live with optimism, maximize their personal and professional potential.

Using the various techniques and tools you learn during the coach specific training, as an InnerMost Shift Coach you learn to remain in your ‘Coaching Presence’ holding a ‘space of openness and total acceptance’ for yourself and for your client.

With our professionally designed InnerMost Shift Coaching and training you learn skills, tools and framework to facilitate the client’s ‘self-discovery and re-union’ with their ‘inner most truths’ about their strengths, talents, qualities, their gifts and their ‘being unique and whole, living a life of unique purpose.

“InnerMost shift coaching Life, Executive and Business coaching involves reconnecting with our inner identity, clarifying values beliefs, motivation, and purpose, so that our impact in any domain of life has more sustainable satisfaction. – Siri Khalsa 

The ‘masterful InnerMost Shift coaching’ also work diligently with clients and navigate them to access “inner most resources’ and achieve harmony by way of ‘consciousness alignment’ with their Inner Most Truths while discharging their responsibilities, everyday decisions and actions.

Your Learning as a InnerMost Shift coaching (Life * Executive * Business Coach)

As the role of a coach is to raise the level of consciousness of the client, you learn during the workshop ‘designing questions’ to ‘stir the inner most level of mind’ that ‘surfaces up options’ and ‘activate resources’.

So you ‘get equipped with coaching skills’ to ‘challenge and inspiring’ the client to choose what they want, and ‘set clear goals’.

In InnerMost Shift Coaching, you get trained in ‘Direct communication’ and learn to ‘pace with client’ and help them ‘take initiative and ownership’, remain ever prepared to do what they cherish personally, in relationship or profession.

A coach must make ‘intuitive and sound judgments’, so you learn how to ‘detect patterns’, keep the good one’s and ‘eliminate the unproductive one’s”

Because no coach can succeed until the client gets results, you learn to ‘empower the client to feel courageous’ and connect client to their mental strategies to consistently ‘execute action plan’.

Our training enable you as ‘InnerMost Shift coaches’ to use ‘direct communication’ let the client comfortably reach to a ‘sound level of commitment’ to the self in the present moment.

Special Features of ‘ InnerMost Shift Coaching ‘

Model based on ICF competencies

Individual gets a strategy of living, Leaders find a way to manage team and business people find it profitable. Starting from how to design a coaching partnership with your client that sets the stage for change and create a coaching contract. Understand how to work with your client on a weekly and monthly basis to move them towards the results they want and how the ICF core competencies create a simple and easy coaching model to do so.
Integrate NLP with Coaching Techniques
Every client has a story or metaphor weaving a net of beliefs, strategies and emotions blocking them to move ahead, live the life they want and unfold the future they aspire. Powerful NLP integrated with coaching techniques assists the clients to make InnerMost Shift happen as they reinvent and rebuild a new Identity. Discover profound ways to use NLP skills and coaching methodologies to move the client out of limitations.


BestLife NLP Tool-set in your Backpack

NLP Tool-Set can empower your clients to make radical, quick and InnerMost shift in a matter of moments. Coach them to change they the way they perceive, think and feel. Short fuse the old die hard patterns and have them rewire new neural circuits in their brain enabling them to adopt new habits, have productive approach and live the life they cherish. Get amazed by NLP concepts and assumptions.
Creating Change in different situations

Learn the most versatile InnerMost Shift coaching model to handle any kind of coaching situation with ease. During the entire coach training program various life situations  are introduced and different possibilities  of applying the NLP interventions are explored. Learn how to coach clients with a sense of professionalism and responsibility.


A cutting edge model of Coaching

One of the important aspect of professional coaching is to assist the client in exploring the ‘model of their world’ from the surface to deeper level. In this process as coach you have to raise their awareness to help them understand how they make choices in different life situations. The IC PROBE GAP ( we compare it with GROW, SCORE & BAGEL etc.) a unique model that blends NLP Skills and Practices with the ICF coaching model. No doubt it is cutting edge model to make InnerMost Shift happen.
The Structure of Program!!

The program is divided in 4 Modules of 4 days each. ACC level coach need to take Module 1 & 2 and PCC level coach need to take Module-1,2,3&4 followed by ICF prescribed curriculum.
Taking ACC level InnerMost Shift Coaching and training equips you with NLP Practitioner level skills and Taking PCC level InnerMost Shift Coaching and training equips you with NLP Master Practitioner level skills. This prepares you to complete ACTP by taking up ICF prescribed  10 hours Coach Mentoring, Coaching Session audio recording performance evaluation and coaching hours.

Module 1 – (4 days)
Innermost Shift Coach

Goal Setting-Relationship-Success- Motivation – Change Coach:
(In-house Workshop based on 4 days is title: Leaders & Manager as Coach)

Topics and Tools – Covered in first four days of course :
Learning Cycle | Beyond 4th & 5th State of learning | Brain-Neurology | Conscious -Unconscious -Higher Consciousness |IC PROBE GAP compare to GROW Model for InnerMost Shift coaching Model | Introduction to 11 ICF Coach competencies | ICF Ethics | Yogic Coaching Presence -| State of Equipoise | Coching with and for Inner Knowingness | Creating Interaction Field Energy Synergy | Quantum Linguistic Model of Multi Level Communication | Neurological Gifts | Altered States | BEST Resource State | Coaching to go Beyond Rules | Ordinary v/s Outstanding | Strategy of Leadership & Accomplishment Coaching | Building NPME State | Coaching for Unstoppable Action | Coaching for Unconscious Rapport | Calibrating Critical shifts |  Coaching on Thinking Style and Building alliances | Coaching on Gaining Perspective edge | Coaching for Crystalizing Goals | Coaching for Clarity to Confidence | Virtuous Coaching for Executive Presence | Other’s Way Relationship Coaching | Magnifying Magnificence|  Proprietary Action Plan | Coaching for Motivation | Calculus of commitment | Coaching for Overcoming Motivation | Blocking Escape Gate Coaching |

Elements of Spiritual Coaching in this Module:
Ek citta | Stithprajana |Siva – Shakti consciousness | Sat Citta Guru | Atma Guru | Ananda citta | prana Yoga Karmasu kaushalam | Coaching karma | Manav Dharma | Kundalini Gyan | Anubhava – Avasara Pratikriya | 

How this 4 days Module helps Corporate Managers / Leaders as Coaches ?
Leader  is one who creates an inspiring vision, motivates others, is able to identify the strength in all and take people along. Quantum Linguistic Patterns  learned during this session helps any one to gain conversational excellence, create Interactive Field of Energy and Synergy. Simply speaking, be it formal coaching session or day to day conversation, they learn entrust people responsibility to act and achieve the best.

Leadership is not a position, it is a virtue one carries to inspire others. As much as leadership is required in an organizational setting to take people along and reach the vision of the company, it is also required to run a household and to bring up kids. Ability to help others to gain Goal Clarity, Confidence, Planning and Designing Parameters to Track progress helps leaders prove their worth.

Conversational Energy they are able to infuse as a result of learning these coaching skills helps their teams to create synergy and congruency with the environments they work.

Be it employees, spouse, family members, friends or even children, to motivate someone is to have a person think from their perspective. And ability of leaders and mangers to gain insight of other’s mind wins them support, appreciation and energy.

You may be leaders, manager or executive of ant cadre, earning the coaching conversation skills you create an innate ability within yourself to be able to motivate anyone, lead them to a vision and surpass their current level of performance.

You may decide to operate as a Performance / Motivation and Change coach, you humbly take pride in leading your team or your child to a new level of success, because you know, with your Conversational Excellence,  you can do both.

Module 2 – (4 days)
Innermost Shift Coaching

Belief Change & Vision Coaching

While it is true that an individual’s success or failure is determined by the belief one holds about self, it is also true that the success or failure play a large role in shaping ones belief about self.

Be it a person of any age or an organization, the potential to tap is unlimited, once a person identifies what needs to be done, lays it down as a vision and has the belief engine running in full throttle there is nothing that can then stop.

Have you ever come across situations where you just know, that a person is holding back because of the belief the person has ‘adopted’, that the person is far more capable and capable of having much larger vision. Does that moment leave you wishing there was something you could do about it?

Well, here’s your opportunity. Learn to coach a person out of a limiting belief system into a strong resourceful belief. Be a catalyst of change, helping individuals or organization chalk down their vision and re-vamp their belief system to achieve outstanding success.

Module 3 – (4 days)
Innermost Shift Coaching

Life Decisions and TimeLine Coaching

There are several times in life when one comes to a crossroad and the decision taken then changes the life course forever.

Life Decision is intervened with the personal history and the way the person visualises the future. A skilled InnerMost Shift Coaching holds within the understanding and is equipped with tools to help any individual reflect upon the situation keeping a wider perspective of the past reality and looking at the future possibilities with a check on the personal and professional commitments, desires.

While taking a life decision can be quite stressful, you as a professional coach will be able to walk the person through the various possibilities engaging your client in a manner to be more productive and take a decision which will result in lasting happiness.

Module 4 – (4 days)
Innermost Shift Coaching

Identity & Purpose  Coaching

Happiness or joy is the emotional state that proceeds from the achievement of one’s values. Suffering is the emotional state that proceeds from a negative or destruction of one’s values.

In today’s times there are a lot of people struggling to find their self identity. Lost in the stream of the corporate identity and what the society expects them to do, people are looking for what gives real meaning, real purpose to their lives.

Being a ‘Identity and Purpose Coach’ is thus of the highest calling as it identifies one with the InnerMost Values and unities the person with the life purpose, which results in lasting happiness.

A person who embarks on the journey of living, his or her true life purpose is not only happy and peaceful within, but also spreads happiness and joy towards whoever he or she comes in contact with.

Do you Identify with the profession of coaching? Is your true purpose to be a coach?

In this internationally approved ‘InnerMost Shift Coaching’ training program you will learn a super most quality practitioner level coaching skill-set to make your coaching experience par excellence. You will be personally trained with specialized attention in a very professional manner from the beginner level to the practitioner level of coaching.

You will also learn how to design Complimentary Coaching Sessions, make an InnerMost Shift happen in barely a 30 minutes session. This is our sincere endeavor to guide you to attract clients and build your coaching business.

Science behind ‘InnerMost Shift coaching’ that makes a difference!

You will learn and apply all NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner level skills with Coaching Orientation depending upon the ACC, PCC, MCC or CCE level  / accreditation you choose .

You will understand limitations and advantages of InnerMost shift coaching models such as GROW. SCORE . CREATE, ORACLE and IC PROBE GAP

You will learn applying and coach people on Best-life practices, Superior Capabilities, Psychology of Change, Triune Brain Theory, Kolb’s Learning Cycle, Neuroscience, Psycho-Neur0-Immunology-PNI, Heart Math research, Principles of Indian Sciences, Learning Cycle, Active Visualization and many more…

Praise for Trainers 

Sat and Siri are exceptional trainer! I loved learning from them. They have outstanding ability to illustrate models, concepts, tools and coaching strategies using skilful storytelling. Siri, so good at story telling made the ideas and conclusion so easy to grasp. Thank you for bringing the best out me through coaching and do so as well.”-Director, Senseware Systems Inc:

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