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The best ICF & NLP Certified Coach Training in the  vibrant city Goa 

The 8 days extensive classroom training, to ensure you get the the best learning from the best trainers. Learn the coaching skills from the masters, with BestLife NLP tools, worldwide recognized as the best tool for bringing about the desired change in people.

Rightfully called the ‘InnerMost Shift Coaching’, the dual certified (ICF & NLP) training is designed such you learn how to best use the NLP tools and techniques in your coaching session maintaining all the 11 core coaching competencies and the coaching ethics as defined by ICF. Learn to coach people on

Life Coaching Skills for:

+ Overcoming Procrastination
+ Reducing & Maintaining weight
+ Having more Loving Relationship
+ Groom Children as per their strength

or Coach them on

Executive Coaching Skills for:

+ Taking team along smoothly
+ Creating an aligned vision
+ Improve productivity & performance
+ Improve Sales, increase profits

Need more reason to join!

It is actually a triple certificate course!
as you also get a certificate of ‘InnerMost Shift Coach’

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Anuradha-Tiwari“The word excellence is what pulled me here, excellence is what I got. I have been working for the past 15 years, and having accomplished so much, I was feeling as if I am drowning in the midst of mediocracy. When I contacted AlphaStars for by InnerMost Shift Coaching workshop, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But now I can with pride, it was the absolute right decision, as I have learnt and grown so much in the past 8 days. I am sure I will be able to coach a number of people in the industry, infact the journey has already started.”- Anuradha Tiwari,  Films & Media Personality


Gopinathan“I have over 25 years of experience, and in my position, I have coached people many times. But during this 8 days, I realized,what I had been doing so far was consulting, counselling and many other things, but not at all coaching. During these 8 days for the first time I realized how to probe a person, listen and elicit the answers from within. This for me has been a ground-breaking learning, I will always cherish.” – Gopinath, Executive Coach


Coaching is one of the fastest growing profession in the world. As a Life-Executive coach your capacity to guide people to their best life is limitless and with the right training,support and tapping into your own unique and special gifts, you can build a successful and thriving business, and why not every outstanding person knows the need of a coach, and so hires one. That is why Google CEO, Eric Schmidt hired a coach!

And not only that, unlike many professions where your work stresses you out or conflicts with your personal values, coaching is all about helping people gain more clarity… more clarity about what they want to do, about what they can do differently, about what is the real purpose of their life and much more. And the amazing part, you don’t have to have all the answers. That’s right. Because Coaching is the only profession where it I the client’s solutions that are explored and a trustworthy, non-judgmental environment created,where client ascertains possibilities to implement self-found solutions.

It is all possible with a Coach, as a coach is a graciously magnetic person, in the presence of whom any individual gets an assurance deep within that they can come out with solutions, choices and commit to their action plan.

Coaching is not just thinking positive, it is a practical solution-focused, outcome-oriented,systematic process facilitated by the coach to raise client’s awareness about present situation and come out with solutions for the future.

Simply understanding coaching is assisting someone to move from present state to desired goal.

That is why coaching is not only profitable, it is also the noblest profession of all.

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InnerMost Shift Coach Training
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Full Payment offers
Instalment payment plans

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V.-SureshHaving done the 8 days “ICF & NLP Certified, InnerMost Shift Certified Coach training with ‘Sat & Siri’, I found the workshop very engrossing, very engaging. I carry with me lot of takeaways in
helping myself becoming better at whatever I do and also helping others in the process. The workshop helped me realize the hidden potential in me, and has given me a headstart for ICF Certification.

Head Employee Relations, CSR & Skill Development, Tata Motors
V. Suresh

Suchitra-ChatterjeeThe changes I felt within myself in the 8 days InnerMost Shift Coach training was really amazing. I can truly say that now my students will benefit many more folds as I coach them & their parents to overcome their limitations and achieve outstanding success. I have set my goal, to help my students and I filled with resources within.

– Suchitra, Teacher & Coach


Once you know how to Coach people, you are free to choose your own niche. Decide for yourself which segment you want to specialize in
• Inspire people to follow their dream – Become a Life Coach
• Help them decide their true career path – Become a Career Coach
• Improve their health and wellbeing – Become a Wellness Coach
• Release their fear and embrace their creativity – Become an Executive Coach
• Spirituality and highest self – Become a Spirituality Coach
• Improve their self-confidence and Team work – Become an Executive Coach
• Help someone create their business vision – Become a Business Coach

Coaching is a systematic approach to create a mental, emotional space for a person wherein a person allows self to think and to grow. Once you learn the approach to coaching, you can choose your own niche as per your area of interest. We of course encourage you to coach in at least 2-3 areas before you finalize your niche.

Why we say – “As an InnerMost Shift Coach, you can definitely choose your own niche?”

The core of the ‘InnerMost Shift’ coaching model is the very fundamental human activity of getting in touch with InnerMost wisdom, referred as ‘Inner Guru by Indian ancient sciences or the ‘Wisest Self’ as by modern thinkers.

InnerMost Shift Coaching Model, designed on the ICF core competencies using BestLife NLP tools, follows very closely the coaching ethics, and integrating the wisdom of ancient sciences, it is undoubtedly the best in exploring human potentiality. It

The very basis of InnerMost Shift coaching model is becoming aware of the stories and metaphors the client’s tell themselves, to understand their counterproductive internal processes, and to identify self-sabotaging beliefs and derailing emotions.

With such powerful foundation, it is no wonder that an InnerMost Shift Coach is equipped with all the tools to coach in any field of their liking.

InnerMost Shift Coaches also have unparalleled post training support.

While the Master Coach & Trainer, ‘Siri’ is known for her commitment to engagingly respond to every call she gets from a participant, no matter when they had done the training program, you as a participant will be free to call or write and clarify any doubt you have on using any tool / technique with a client.

The training is also followed by a responsibility on your part to complete the weekly exercises we forward to you, and on our part to give you proper feedback on each & every exercise such that
your learning gets integrated further and you give your very best to your client.

After all, the world expects only the best from an “InnerMost Shift Coach”

InnerMost Shift Coach training is at half the cost of similar international trainings.

Priced at only $2500, InnerMost Shift coach training, is less than half the cost of other similar dual certification courses.
ICF (full 84 hrs.) + NLP (Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler) anywhere in the world, to the best of our knowledge is not less than $5000, that to non-residential.

InnerMost Shift Coach training at $2500 is a residential workshop, in the beautiful, colorful, culturally rich city of Jaipur, India.

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InnerMost Shift Coach Training
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Remember coaching can be a full time or a part time profession, which is why you can practice professional coaching along with your existing profession as well.

What’s more, once you learn coaching, you will not be able to stop yourself from using the coach approach with your team members, your boss, your spouse, your children, your friends, and that in itself will earn you more more respect and command with people counting on you for solution without even realizing why 

The study also reviled that almost all coach practitioners or simply coaches reported receiving some form of coach-specific training, with a large majority (89%) receiving training that was accredited or approved by a professional coaching organization.

The receipt of coach-specific training was also very high among managers/leaders using coaching skills, with 93% reporting that they have received training. Almost three in four (73% reported receiving accredited or approved coach-specific training.


Learn with ‘Sat & Siri’

‘Sat & Siri’ have been instrumental in bringing out the best in people for over 20 years, with the NLP skills they use with mastery, combining it with the learnings of scriptures, coaching people across the world on life skills, executive skills and multiplying their business profits several times.


Sat Khalsa is known for his ….

A masterful trainer and coach,Sat Khalsa is known for the wisely humour filled approach in all his sessions. An ICF PCC Coach trainer & mentor, Sat Khalsa, integrates NLP skills with the teachings from ancient science, to bring about amazingly natural change in the participants while preparing them to be a internationally certified coach. Sat Khalsa holds a honorary PhD in ‘Quantum Jump’, and is a voracious reader.




Siri Khalsa is known for her …

Full of life, spontaneous and courageous, Siri Khalsa can bring about change within a person in just a few coaching sessions. An outstanding ICF PCC coach and NLP trainer, Siri keeps the class filled with energy, capable of giving individual attention to each,
much beyond the completion of the course. Siri Khalsa holds a honorary PhD in ‘Intuitive Intelligence’, and is able to connect with almost anyone in a matter of seconds.




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With the Master Trainers ‘Sat & Siri’
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InnerMost Shift Coach training, made me realize…..

It took me 2 days to realize, the course is going to help me professionally as well as personally, and the learning curve and the benefit index just kept moving upward each day. The IC PROBE GAP tool, the BestLife NLP the integrated part of InnerMost Shift Coaching will help me deal with different strategies, adopt multiple styles to deal with every situation, that every person plays in life.- Ravi Dutt, Faculty & Trainer, International University in China


Visit Goa –

Packed with history, art and culture, this princely state is a treasure trove of some exquisite palaces, forts, temples and old markets standing a testimony to the imperial grandeur. But what entices the most in J lifestyle, festivity and smiling people.

Register to learn skills of the fastest growing profession
With the Master Coaches &  Trainers ‘Sat & Siri’
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Full Payment or Down-Payment with 5 installment payments

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